KeyForge Token Set Version 4

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A set of tokens for the game KeyForge

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A set of keys and tokens produced by UmmaGumma specifically for the game Keyforge by Fantasy Flight Games.

Version 4 of this set feature our "Premium" set of keys as per version 3 but in addition we have our new Aember crystals which replace the 3D printed versions.

Our earlier versions 2 & 3 are still available.

In this set you will receive...
3   x  Keys
20 x  Aember Tokens
10 x +1 Power Tokens
10 x  1 Damage Tokens
3   x  3 Damage Tokens
2   x  5 Damage Tokens
6   x  +1 Armour Tokens
4   x  +2 Armour Tokens
5   x  Stun Tokens
Note that the 2 colour tokens are made with 2 colour plastic (not painted) so the colour will not wear off. Note also that the colour of the numbers on the 15 Damage tokens is actually silver (they look white in the photo) to distinguish them further from the red & white Power tokens.
As these items have been 3D printed (except for the Aember crystals) the surface will show indications of the lines/layers typical of this process (not apparent on the smaller tokens).
This set of tokens will be supplied in a reusable plastic zip bag.
Please note that the keys and the Aember crystals in this set are also available separately.
This item is not sold as a toy and is not suitable for use by children under the age of 14.
The keys have been reproduced courtesy of "calaverajoe" under the Creative Commons Attribution and are item no 3059734 on Thingiverse.