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Doggy Poo Bag Holder to give you a free hand

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This is a super handy gizmo for all dog owners. After an enjoyable walk with our dogs we end up walking with the dog lead in one hand and a full poo bag in the other. Now with this little holder clipped to your dog lead you simply tie the bag in a knot as usual and then push the knot through the hole in the holder and slide it down the slot. See photo. You now have a free hand! The holder is made from durable plastic and features a strong aluminium carabiner and can hold 2 or 3 bags.

The holder is available in a selection of colours and the postage remains the same for 2 or more holders.

Size is 87mm long x 30mm wide x 3.5mm thick.

Made in the UK.

Orders received before 12 noon on a weekday will normally be shipped the same day.