Screw Top Bottle Opener

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Easily Open screw Top Bottles

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A very useful kitchen aid for anyone who struggles to undo screw top bottles.

Now featuring a new improved design, this opener is designed to fit a variety of different size plastic bottle tops from fizzy drink bottles to large plastic milk cartons and is a great help for the elderly or anyone who has problems with their hands or fingers. Gives more leverage than other designs.
Usage tip - The opener has 4 different size grippers which should open the majority of screw tops (from 21mm to 42mm dia). However, if you find a bottle that is In-between size and is too small for one gripper but too big for the next simply place 2 or 3 layers of kitchen towel over the bottle top and then the opener will be able open it easily. And don't forget the opener can be used to tighten screw tops so your fizzy drinks don't go flat.
We manufacture this item here in the UK and can supply it in a variety of colours. (Actual colours may vary slightly from those shown).